I am an entomologist and photographer based in Northern California. My interests in insects began at a very early age as well as my interests in photography. It only made sense to ultimately combine these two interests over time. Insects affect every aspect of our lives from agriculture to public health. I believe it is important to highlight the most successful group of animals on Earth by having insects and other arthropods comprise the majority of my photographic body of work. I earned a B.S. in Entomology from the University of California, Davis. During the course of my studies I greatly expanded my interests in macro-photography to capture insects in their environments living their lives. Using my knowledge of insect biology I seek out niches where terrestrial arthropods make their living and show the easily overlooked. I enjoy traveling to collect insects and maintain a relatively small but well represented collection. I am particularly interested in arthropods with unique natural history.

I strive to capture the common and seldom encountered insects in an aesthetically pleasing manner to encourage an appreciation for the majority of described species on Earth. Please browse this site and enjoy the many images of the fauna that I encounter day to day. I built this site to present some of my best photos for viewing and purchasing.

If any particular photo speaks to you, do not hesitate to click ‘Buy’ and add it to your cart. By purchasing prints, you are supporting my next expedition to contribute to reveal insect biodiversity across North America. Please, do not be disappointed if you cannot find your favorite insect order or family in my galleries. Over time, I will expand my galleries to include many more creatures.

Feel free to use the “Contact” link above this page to email me directly regarding any business inquiries or requests for special photographic or entomological projects. Some organisms such as the basal silverfish Tricholepidion, as seen on the right, and siphonophorid millipede genus Illacme was photographed and collected through special expeditions and are not generally featured on my galleries. Be sure to check out the “Projects” page on this site. There you will be able to find other subjects I like to photograph.

Selected Credits:

2022 ESA Pacific Branch Photo Salon
2018 National Insect Salon
ESA 2018 World of Insects Calendar
Bohart Museum of Entomology
Lorquin Entomological Society
The Picardier

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